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 5 Q&A FAQ

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PostSubject: 5 Q&A FAQ   Wed Apr 02, 2008 11:48 pm

Alright, a few basics.....

1. welcome. u are not just a member with a registration number to us, the staff. You are here to talk with us and other members...i mean companions about halo, maps, anything really

2. Why Halology? "Halo-ology" pronunciation. The study of halo.

3. Why is there a halology? Well, let's say proforge was falling apart. half the staff wasn't active at all, and it was corrupt with a leader who made friends staff members, and never came on to help.

4. Why would I want to become a member of this site? Well, you can have fun here. Keep informed of the happenings and news, not just halo. Share some shared file, and join us for slayer fun around the clock. Not to mention the SNE, FNM, and Paint Ball Tournaments. So, its not just a forum, its a REVOLUTION!

5. Will you guys eat us? Ok, i want to know who asked that question, but no. The staff are a regular on XBOX Live and are usually willing to send u invites, or join your games. Plus, we are always at the SNE, FNM. So, no we wont eat you. We are very happy for you to be here. Welcome to HALOLOGY!

Key Terms here at Halology

"I'm going forging..." Yes it is a verb
Mongoose, mongeese, mongi...all work
SNE-Saturday Night Extravaganza
FNM-Friday Night Madness
Paint Ball-Our fancy way of saying SWAT
Bungie-Makers of Halo
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