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 All Info Here-Thanx Tac

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PostSubject: All Info Here-Thanx Tac   Mon Apr 28, 2008 11:57 pm

Teams Have Been Reset!

Exclamation The OFFICIAL ProForge paintball tournament! Exclamation
Registration is Open!
FYI: Yes, I did make the picture above Very Happy

Create or Join a team here

tournament will be a lot like SNE, in respects to why we (The Staff)
are going to host it. This is another great opportunity to play with
your fellow ProForge members and to have some competitive fun! I did
this same tournament in my old Halo 2 clan and everyone loved the high
speed competition. Rememeber, EVEYONE WHO IS A MEMBER OF HALOLOGY IS

Paintball Rules:
those of you who do not know, Halo 3 Paintball is a game variant that
is very similar to SWAT. It is a Team Slayer game where everybody has
no shields, a battle rifle, and one life(Lives may change, depends on
popular vote). This is supposed to resemble real paintball, so if you
get hit...your out! Once everyone has registered I will split the teams
into 4 members per team (See below for info on team registration). This
game requires a lot of teamwork and communication if you want to get
ahead of the competition.

About the Tournament:
The Tournament will start sometime within the next 2 months, depending
one how fast people register.The competition times will depend on when
the two teams playing want to duke it out. We will find a time where
every member of the two teams can join so that nobody gets left out
because they cannot come. As you can see, the times are not set in
stone and it will all depend on what will be the easiest for
everyone...SO BE FLEXIBLE!!
There will be a winning and a losing bracket so that everyone will get
to play at least twice. Two teams will play a 5 round game and will
compete to reach that top. When the leaders of the winners and the
losers bracket are decided, they will both have one final match to
decide the overall victor. We are currently deciding on a possible
prize for the squad member with the most kills and the best performance.

Individual Registration:
Please leave a reply in this thread with your x-box live gamertag. If
you sign up, you must be able to play x-box live within a week or so of
your battle so that your team doesn't get cut a player. I will update
the registration as fast as I can.
NOTE: Please include if you are willing to create a map for the tournament. (See Below)
Team Registration: The team registration has changed to a new thread at this link.
Members who want to be team leaders can post topics on that thread and
anyone who wants to join that team can leave their application for the
team leader to see.

What maps:
Exclamation THIS IS VERY IMPORANT! Exclamation
idea for the maps that we compete on is that we make our own unique
paintball maps, instead of play the default maps. This means that I
need volunteers who are willing to make at least one paintball map for
everyone to compete on (See map requirements below). If you are willing
to create a paintball map, please say so when you register or drop me a
Map Requirements: Do not feel
the need to spend hours on these maps, they should be simple but still
fun and challenging. Each map should not be too complicated! This means
that mazes and super close combat maps will not be excepted (Each map
will have to go through my approval). A good paintball map should be
symmetrical with enough open room to fight without sacrificing cover.
The two teams must spawn on opposite sides of eachother and they must
not be able to shoot eachother right when the game starts (That would
just be unfair).
"Do's and Don'ts" for paintball maps:
+Open space, but enough cover to hide behind
+Creative (Use Fusion Coils, multiple floors, Shield Doors, etc.)
+Teams spawn on opposite sides of map
+Small and easy to navigate
+The abbreviation [PB] for paintball must somewhere in title for your map.
-Can shoot eachother right when the game starts
-Teleporters (Makes it too difficult)
-Extra weapons (Only BR's allowed)
Completed Maps: We have created a Map Registration thread (link)
to post all of the completed maps. In your post include the link of the
map so that I can give it my approval for the tourney or tell you what
you need to change. Thanks to everyone who is taking the time to create
maps for the tourney. Smile

Please post any suggestions or anything I forgot to mention! They are very appreciated!
you want, please answer these questions in your post. These questions
will be put into a vote and they will help me make the game just how
you guys want to play it! So don't complain about the rules if you
didn't vote.

  • Should there be one life per round? Or more? (Respawns may make it unfair, but you will get more play time)
  • Do you want instant kill or no shields?
  • How many people per team? 3 or 4?
  • How many rounds per game? 3 or 5?
  • Any ideas for MVP prize?
  • What do you want your team color and name to be?
  • Do you want to make a paintball map?
  • Do you want to be a team leader?
  • Is oTACTITIONo the bestest Halo player EVER (Yes he is)

Currently Registered:
Everyone who has registered will be posted here. Please leave another message if you are no longer coming.
*: Team Leader
**: Making a custom map
***: Team Leader and Making map

  • NewbAmoeba

  • Nickdog670
  • EvilExo

  • Stewie2552

Check the current teams on the Team Registration thread. (Link)

Thank you for reading! I know it was super long, but this way everyone knows all the details.
king queen jocolor
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All Info Here-Thanx Tac
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