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 New maps

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PostSubject: New maps   Wed Apr 16, 2008 5:19 pm

In addition to my temporary leaving (not of the site, overall)

I would like to know if the maps are worth buying, good for forging, etc. I hope to see answers soon.
Also, i am not leaving because of alex, to clear confusion.
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PostSubject: Re: New maps   Wed Apr 16, 2008 5:27 pm

Hey Newb. Since I am a halo fanatic I will obviously say that you should buy the maps. They really aren'y that great for forging but they are still great to have because they add something new and then you wont be left out of the fun.

My favorite map of the three new maps. GREAT for big team objective games but not really practical for smaller parties. Lots of possibilites for forging because you could add fun floating bases and stuff pretty much anywhere. The problem is that they dont give you that many walls to use. May be fun for some intense zombie games where zombies are fast and high shield while everyone else is on tanks, hornets, hogs, etc.

Ghost Town:
The underdog of the three maps, i rate it a 5/10. The look and feel of it is great, but the gameplay is a little lacking. There are just too many places to hide and everything is a little to tight for my taste. Doesn't offer much for forge because there isnt that much room, but they do give you some cool new items to use.

AWESOME for smaller slayer battles as long as a sword and a shotgun dont bother you. This map incorporates close-range combat and long-range accuracy really well and the look-and-feel is cool. Forging is probably going to be centered more around adding floating bases and extra walkways because the map itself is a little small for major changes. Lots of space for floating bases on teh sides and can basically create a whole new map below the actual map. I cant wait to see what people will do with this one.

The cool FX forge items are also a must see.

So yeah, that is my opinion on the maps and hopefully that answers your questions.
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New maps
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